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Dedicated to improving Sighthound health

We are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of sighthounds around the world ​by building awareness of ​their unusual ​medical​ characteristics​ ​within​ the​ veterinary​ and adoption communities through our education, outreach, and research programs.

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Dedicated to improving Sighthound health

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The latest information or news regarding Sighthound health or The Greyhound Health Initiative.

2022 Year End Video

Watch our 2022 year in review recap video on Facebook.

UPDATED!!! Greyhound Blood Value Cards

UPDATED!!! Greyhound Blood Value Cards

We have updated our Greyhound blood value cards this year according to the IDEXX reference lab study. See the information following this link:

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2022 Corn Symposium

Join the Greyhound Health Initiative (GHI), researchers from the University of Liverpool, and Dr. Mike Guilliard to understand more about their causes, latest treatment techniques, as well as helping to fund further research that will have a major impact on canine corn treatment worldwide

Our Impact to the community

Our Impact to the community

4,465 blood bags sold

The number of bags of life-saving blood and plasma that were sold over the past year.

4,465 lives saved

This number is the potential canine lives that were saved by using these blood products.

1,500 donations made

This is the number of donations made by our canine heros over the past year.

Greyhounds really are not like other dogs.

Greyhounds really are not like other dogs.

One way in particular that greyhounds are different from all other dogs is in their reference intervals for several key lab values. In medical fields, a reference interval is the range of values for a physiological measurement in the average healthy, adult animal (for example, the number of white blood cells falls within the same range of numbers for 95% of all dogs). It establishes a frame of reference to help veterinarians interpret a set of test results for a particular patient. So one of the most important factors in clinical pathology is the availability of valid reference intervals (RIs). Erroneous RIs can lead to improper clinical decisions that may have negative results for the patient.

The Greyhound Health Initiative produces a wallet-sized card (pictured) that lists the critical Greyhound-specific reference intervals as compared to non-Greyhound dogs. These cards are available to adoption groups for donation and will be available on our online store for purchase.